Support Blunn Creek!

Blunn Creek Partnership and their work relies on donations from generous benefactors throughout the Austin and Texas. Please consider making a contribution to support the important work that Blunn Creek Partnership does. Follow the link below to be visit the Austin Parks Foundation website where you can make a donation on behalf of Blunn Creek Partnership and South River City Citizens.

What Your Donation Supports

The Partnership seeks to study, understand, protect and restore the watershed, through work on slowing runoff, removing invasive plants, reintroducing native grasses, sedges, wildflowers, understory and canopy trees.

Watershed Protection

Watershed Protection protects lives, property and the environment of our community by reducing the impact of flood, erosion and water pollution.

Community Engagement

Volunteers come together to work in our public lands throughout the Blunn watershed. There’s a variety of projects for all ages, interests, and abilities.

Native Species Reintroduction

The goal of species reintroduction is to establish a healthy, genetically diverse, self-sustaining population in the Blunn Creek watershed.

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