The Blunn Creek Partnership is very grateful to its generous financial supporters, including the Austin Parks Foundation, Brown Foundation, City of Austin, Home Depot, Keep Austin Beautiful, South River City Citizens Neighborhood Association, and many individuals. Their gifts have provided critical help for playground improvements, native plants and seed, invasive control, signage, erosion management, and other projects.

As well, we greatly appreciate the help from many volunteers, including helpers from Accenture, Akins High School, American Hiking Society, AmeriCorps, Anderson High School, Austin Young Lawyers Association, Boy Scouts of America, Children in Nature Collaborative, COGS, Con Mi Madre, H.E.B., Home Depot, Just Keep Living Foundation, LifeTech, Lions Club, Rockwell, Rotary International, St. Edward’s University, St. Stephen’s School, SHI, Stanford University Alumni Association, Trinity Episcopal School, United Way, University of Texas Indian Students’ Association, University of Texas Taiwanese-Amerian Students’ Association, Westwood High School.

Also, we’d like to express our gratitude to the skilled professionals who have contributed their time and talent to the work, including American Youthworks, Landmark Wildlife, Plateau Land & Wildlife, Siglo Group, and other firms and organizations.

Finally, none of this work would have been possible without our wonderful partners in the public sector, including Austin Parks and Recreation, Austin Fire, Austin Urban Forestry, Austin Watershed and the Texas Forest Service.